Fat Boy 5k – Race Recap – April 9, 2021

Starting Line

Back at the starting line of the Fat Boy 5k the last one was in 2019.  I ran that on April 19, 2019 in a time of 29:23.  I looked up what the pace was to earn a mug then.  Mugs are given to the Top 150 men and women of the race.  From the 2019 times I would need to run around 8:30 per mile pace to get a mug.   I think I definitely have that time in me.  So we will see how it goes.  At the starting line in the past I would just fit in somewhere towards the middle  but today I pushed as far forward as I felt comfortable.   I overheard people talking about 7:50/8:00 minute pace around.  That made me kind of nervous while I feel like I have those times in me.  I have not really ran 5k paces in my training in the last twelve weeks of training.  On a random three mile run I decided I wanted to finish it under 30 minutes.  Aside from that it’s all been easier pace half marathon/marathon efforts.   

First Mile – 8:50

The race is off!  I’m on pace to put myself in mug contention.  This pace is feeling a little hot I feel my heart being a little elevated.  I want to do this so I just go with the pace.  It feels like I’m playing with fire.   Also I completely forgot this race isn’t flat!  So I’m running way faster than normal and here come some hills.  Why would they put that there.   Through the half mile mark I’m at 8:40 mile pace.  I set my Garmin at half mile splits just to get more alerts as a distraction.  At this   point I am thinking this might not be the race for a mug.  I’m falling off pace but I’m still giving an effort because I want to see where my 5k time currently is.

Second Mile – 9:23

The course is out and back so once I have done the first half of the second mile I know what to expect because we loop around and do it again.  In the second mile I start wondering if there will be any water stations in the race.  The day
before I definitely didn’t drink enough  water, and I’m paying for that now.   I kind of sync up with a random runner and we kind stick together for a bit.  We seem to both be on the struggle bus, but there is no quit in us.  At this point I know a mug is probably out of reach.  Maybe there is a little hope if the if it’s a slow field.  Mile 2 I start seeing other runners earlier in the race since it’s out and back.  Seeing others putting in effort always motivates me.

Third Mile – 9:38

Mile three in the past I would be sad that I did not earn a mug.  Post the pandemic though I have been working hard to improve my fitness.  Regardless mug or no mug I am happy with my effort on the day.   After running a half marathon last weekend three miles seems like it goes by in a flash.   I’m tired but at this point there isn’t much race left, and I can dig deep to make sure I come in under 30 minutes.  This mile has been my slowest.  It was still under 9:39 pace so we looked in the sub 30 minute finish.   The finish line is in sight so I give it a little gas to bring it home.   They are stilling handing out mugs for women finishers.  
Finish Time 28:52.8 5K officially,  I am completely happy with that my last 5k I finished with a time of 31:39 at the Baton Rouge Turkey Trot.   A nice improvement and sub 30 minutes!   I am setting a goal for next year to finish the Fat Boy 5k under 20 minutes.  I am getting a mug I promise!  I had a great time though my parents joined me for this 5k and that was a welcomed addition.

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